Shahen’s Faves

Favourite Band/Artist: Tom Waits, Dr John

First gig attended: The first in the endless litany of classical concerts I was dragged to by my dad.

Favourite album: Blue Valentine (Tom Waits)

My Dream Band: Dr John (piano), Rod Stewart (vocals), Moon and Entwhistle on drums and bass, Jerry Douglas on the Dobro, Ketch Secor on harmonica and fiddle ... I'll stop there - it's beginnning to look (and sound!) too weird!

Favourite line in a song: ‘Started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left.’ (Seasick Steve)

Fave album cover: Nebraska (Bruce Springsteen) epitomising all things bleak.

Worst gig attended: Live Aid (Nick Kershaw, Howard Jones)

Fave gig attended: Live Aid (Status Quo, Queen)

Favourite track of all time: Don't think twice, it's alright (Bob Dylan)