We played Glastonbury!

There's not a band in the land who wouldn't love to play Glasto - and we're no exception. So when the call came, we climbed aboard our trusty Hoganvan and headed out to the wettest, muddiest Glastonbury ever: Gboots             But the weather didn't dampen our spirits, as you can see from...
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Shahen’s Cookery Shizzle Continues – Part 3!

Long before Messrs Ottolenghi and Oliver popularised the use of Pomegranate Molasses – in fact, long before they had shed their short trousers – the sweet and tangy goo was a staple of Persian cooking. This traditional Iranian dish has a rich exotic flavour and showcases the delights of this paste. It looks...

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Police Dog Poster!

The history of band posters is a long and glorious one. And so, with the marketing savvy that that got us to put the track 'Land of Miracles' on the album after the one entitled 'Land of Miracles', we have commissioned our own fabulously-designed poster for our 2016 UK tour. And it's available now, half way...
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Hare & Hounds Gig – A Review

From 'Three Chords and The Truth'

FRIDAY, 15 MAY 2015

Police Dog Hogan - Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Thursday 14th May 2015

Following a false start towards the end of last year, a West Midlands audience finally got the opportunity for find out what Police Dog Hogan are all about....

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Police Food Hogan – Shahen Shares Shazza’s Special Savoury Recipe!

  'The band that eats together, keeps the beat together' is just one of the phrases that Bob Dylan didn't actually say, but probably only because he never read Shahen's amazing recipes. Here is the second instalment from Police Dog Hogan's resident gourmet, known to his friends as 'Shazza', although to the rest of the band as 'The bloke with...
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Police Food Hogan – Shahen’s Culinary Masterclass!

    Many people have asked us how we stay so young looking. Yes, we get a discount at The Shepherds Bush Cosmetic Surgery Centre, but our secret lies in the food that we eat. We eschew overpriced, unhealthy sandwich/coffee/flapjack combos at a service stations on the way to a gig. (Sorry - that should read 'Yes,...
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Find a PDH track

If you want to find which album has your favourite Police Dog Hogan track, just click on our 'Store' page where each of the CDs now shows the full track listings. You're welcome.

He took beginning shot to attraction kneecap fracturing community a 208 appearances back to top order, to provide...

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‘Westward Ho!’ – the Album

W Ho!     You can buy our third album, 'Westward Ho!' album on It's just £10, and if you click on our 'Band Info' page, under 'The Critics' you can read what the press have said about it. (Spoiler alert: they've been massively favourable.)
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Tom Kingsley on his ’14 Roses’ film

image Eddie Bishop (composer) with Tim Dowling. Tom Kingsley, who directed the 14 Roses film, writes: “This low-key but high-concept stop-motion animation started off as a bog standard tale of a successful flower delivery. But after seeing the first draft, James politely pointed out to me that perhaps the...
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Dog tweets

PDH_Gallery_Module_3In the course of a cursory investigation, James recently discovered that an impressive proportion of our Twitter followers appear to be actual police dogs. It’s possible they like the music, I suppose, but it’s more probable that we are the beneficiaries of somebody’s confusion. It’s an...
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Fallen angel

We like to think we are prepared for eventualities. Over years of doing gigs I have personally developed several failsafe contingencies – the neat pile of spare fingerpicks I rest on top of my amp, the collection of fresh batteries in my case – each of them directly related to a previous mishap. Sometimes I...
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